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We seek the beauty of communication in creativity and life. 

We were born to communicate. 

We are obsessed with effectiveness. 

And any means is valid to achieve it.

We are Bonsai more than an agency…

Workshops are designed to obtain a full consensus among the organization’s management team, marketing, and/or human resources leadership.

This workshop aligns and energizes the organization and specific teams on internal or external brand positioning.

Over time we have understood that building brands is a daily exercise of falling in love because in the end, it is about generating emotions that manage to connect to your brand. And that can only be achieved by surprising the public with disruptive and unforgettable experiences. Because in marketing, to be monotonous is to become invisible.

We use creativity to generate connections between people and brands, and to obtain this we create communication or content strategies that help us reach our clients’ goals.

Building roots and a sense of belonging within organizations is as important as managing the brand. Corporate culture and its spirit are as valuable an asset for a company as its logo.

All brands with a digital presence require a strategy that exclusively helps the company acquire its business objectives to connect with its audiences. 

Creation of the brand’s digital manual, selection of the ideal digital assets for the brand, the digital role of the brand, the frequency of publication, and the search for the tone of communication.

Workshops on the use and exploitation of digital assets for the projection of your brand. Tools that efficiently create content for your brand day by day.

Generation of digital strategies (monthly, bimonthly, biannual) that respond to the needs and objectives of the brand.

Ideation of a monthly content grid focused on the brand’s digital presence.

Generation of graphic and video content that responds to digital media consumption trends.


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