IKIGAI Methodology: Cultivating brands with purpose.

In Japanese culture, it is believed that all human beings are in search of an inner purpose that is superior, called ikigai (生き甲斐). This purpose translates as “the reason to live”, it is that reason that motivates us and proves that it is worth existing, because simply by working on it we feel satisfied and happy, since we are in the right direction. 

But, how does IKIGAI relate to brands? The reality is that brands by their nature seek to have a very strong link with their public, so let’s look at it this way: People relate to everything that inspires us and we feel a connection, this is why humans have an internal reason that brings them closer to the true meaning of life, brands should also have it, a purpose, a meaning, a personality so well defined that allows us to connect with everyone who knows it.

In Bonsai to cultivate brands we do it from the inside, through IKIGAI, we seek to answer all the questions that may be behind the existence of each brand, we summarize it in 7 big questions.

  1. What do you believe in? 
  1. What are your passions?  
  1. Why is your company important to people’s lives? 
  1. What is your brand promise? 
  1. What is the value of doing what you do? 
  1. What is the real impact of your brand on society? 
  1. What purpose do you write your future on?

To answer each of these questions in the search for the brand IKIGAI, we need make sure that all parties involved in this process enjoy it and provide all their skills to ensure a good result, as this will allow the purpose to be aligned with the brand objectives and to develop sustainable ideas over time, because we will ultimately be delivering value to users.

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